College Craw 2019 Grant Program
College fishing continues to grow each year, and Big Bite Baits is looking to help collegiate anglers on the water with a new fish catching soft plastic craw, but also help them off the water with an exciting new program. Two percent of all sales of the College Craw will go towards a grant that will be awarded to teams which are selected based on an application process at the end of each year. Big Bite Baits will match the two percent , for a total of a four percent donation going towards the grants. The grant application will be open to any recognized college team, and awarded in December of 2019. A minimum of one $500 scholarship will be awarded. The College Craw is available in 3.5” and 4” sizes, with nine colors to meet any water condition. The ninth color, Spicy Purple was even designed by a collegiate angler earlier this year, he won 5,000 of the baits as a prize for his submission. The College Craw makes a great jig trailer, featuring a subtle swimming action. The 3.5” size is a great choice for finesse jigs and the 4”size pairs perfectly with full size jigs. Both sizes of the College Craw can also be fished alone on finesse or Texas rigs.