March means March Madness and we are creating our own version by bringing you the first ever 13 Fishing Boat Snack Bracket! This has been a hot topic of debate at the 13 Fishing Design center, so what better way to choose once and for all than a tournament bracket. Comment on our Facebook and Instagram and let us know what your all time favorite boat snack is.

First, let’s meet our competitors. They are ranked from the highest to lowest seed.

The Competitors:

1. Swedish Fish
Highly traditional. This snack is easy and simple to tag along. AKA the snack of generations!

2. Cookies
A bag of cookies is never a bad option. Especially early in the day. This snack is also Sesame Street approved.

3. Doughnuts
Are they sugar coated lies, or just a delicious treat?

4. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
A heavyweight in the snack division combining a one-two punch of both peanut butter and pretzels.

5. Leftover Gas Station Breakfast Sandwich
Convenient but we’re not so sure if it’s FDA approved…

6. PB&J Sando
Who doesn’t love a cool in the middle, sweet and savory peanut butter jelly sandwich? Setting the crunchy or creamy debate aside, we lumped them both into the same category.

7. Trail Mix
This one might be borderline cheating. How many different snacks are we going to allow to be combined and still have it under one label? But whatever…

8. Gummy Worms
Gummy worms! A favorite with the younger crowd, these snacks give you a bit of needed zip out on the water and double when you run out of bait.

9. Combos
Nachos or Pizza. We lumped them together for this study.

10. Pretzels
Salty, toasty bread. It’s carbalicious!

11. Popcorn
Just make sure you clean your hands. We don’t need this added to the excuses as to why you dropped your rod in the lake and how it should be covered under warranty.

12. Protein Bar
A healthy option for keeping your goals in mind.

13. Jerky
Tough to beat a nice meat snack.

14. Chicken Wings
Possibly the most non-traditional boat snack, but on a hot day a couple hot and spicy wings that have been sitting in the cooler since last night really hit the spot.

15. Almonds
Another healthy option. A fistful of these is just what you need when you’re on ’em but need to refuel rapidly.

16. Celery
Why is this even an option? Who gets celery unless it comes with your wings and blue cheese…which is the proper condiment for wings. Sorry ranch lovers.

Round 1:

1. Swedish Fish vs. 16. Celery
Swedish Fish won this hands down. The key point was that everyone except one person said that celery by itself sucked. We’ll let you speculate who this was…

2. Cookies vs. 15. Almonds
In a drastic upset, almonds defeated cookies. The deciding factor was allowing multiple flavors of almonds, and the chocolate chips on cookies melting when it’s warm and creating a mess.

3. Doughnuts vs. 14. Chicken Wings
Probably the most substantial bout in the first round. The sugary sweetness was not able to defeat the savory delight of some leftover chilled wings. Mostly because they’re actually substantial.

4. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels vs. 13. Jerky
Jerky had a quick lead with the savory aspect, but at the end of the day, the pretzels were filled with peanut butter so this took the victory.

5. Leftover Gas Station Sandwich vs. 12. Protein Bar
Protein bars are good, nutritious, and highly recommended by the 13 Fishing staff…but a leftover gas station breakfast sandwich handily came out on top in this one.

6. PB&J Sando vs. 11. Popcorn
There was a lot of kerfuffle about what kind of sandwich was being voted on. We decided to go with everyone getting to choose their personal favorite, which was a fatal decision for popcorn. Let’s be honest, we just needed a placeholder and ran out of snacks to put in. It was mostly a cop out to include this.

7. Trail Mix vs. 10. Pretzels
Awkwardly, not one member of the judging panel thought that pretzels would win this. And it didn’t. It lost badly.

8. Gummy Worms vs. 9. Combos
Probably the toughest first-round match up. Both items had the upside but in the end, Combos won out. Looking at it, it’s likely that leaving less on your fingers is what eked out the victory for them.

Round 2:

1. Swedish Fish vs. 9. Combos
The childhood hero lost to the all-powerful Combos. The mystery filled snack is rapidly becoming a fan favorite.

4. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels vs. 5. Leftover Gas Station Sandwich
While a leftover gas station breakfast sandwich sounds like a great idea, it has been known to cause some issues in regards to awkward locations for an emergency restroom related situation, which cost it the victory in the end.

6. PB&J Sando vs. 14. Chicken Wings
These two could have both been finalists had they not run up against each other in the second round. That being said, the sando (everyone’s personal favorite option) won and the world is a more hollow place.

7. Trail Mix vs. 15. Almonds
Trail mix has almond. Almonds don’t have anything other than, well, almonds. When you’re a one trick pony and your opponent has the same trick, plus more, you’re pretty much screwed. Poor form.

Semi Finals Round 3:

4. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels vs. 9. Combos
The closest contest yet. But what pulled through in the end was the convenience of the leftover jar that the pretzels come in.

6. PB&J Sando vs. 7. Trail Mix
Side note: Have you ever put trail mix inside a PB&J Sando? Just a thought…The sandwich won again! At this point, everyone knows Trail Mix is just a bit too clingy. Everywhere you turn there’s a sleeve of trail mix. So in this case, the sandwich by being a bit persnickety came away with it.


With all eyes on them, the PB&J sando and peanut butter filled pretzels stepped into the ring. The sando took a hard L in the end, leaving people with memories of sticky fingers. But at this level with two elite snacks there is only respect between opponents. And peanut butter filled pretzels are the reigning champs!



Winner: Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Key Factors to Victory:

  • Temperature Resistance
  • Savory
  • Doesn’t make your fingers sticky
  • Can be thrown…which is surprisingly useful
  • Calorie density of carbs to fat ratio…”There’s power in that meal!”
  • Has salt which is good for when you are getting after it
  • Comes in a very handy jar