This month we are breaking down the top fall bass baits that will help you land more mega monsters.

In the fall, many people have their minds on football or hunting season…but not you. You’re out there to lay the smackdown on fall fatties.

Depending on your region and the particular season, the transition may begin at slightly different times. Regardless, here are five baits that will work.

*Side Note: We are working backwards from colder to warmer waters.*

1. Finesse Soft Plastic Presentations
From NED to Drop shot, jigheads to pre rigs, in colder temperatures these baits are versatile to fit the needs of fish whose metabolism has slowed.

The toughest late bites of the season require a slowed presentation and great patience to be successful.

These may not be the strongest for search baits, but they will be productive in target rich environments.

Recommended Bait: Joy Stick in Mardi Craw

2. Jerkbaits
Suspending jerkbaits and rhythmic cadences are key when the water turns bitter and the bite more fitful.

Adjusting your retrieve is going to produce the most effective results.

Patterns change daily this time of year and it’s important not to get stuck on what was working before.

Adapt and force them to feed instead of hoping for a bite.

Recommended Bait: Loco Special in Regurgitated Shad or Natty Light

3. Swimbaits
Fall fish are feedbags. Timing this up can be key.

The fish still need a high enough metabolism to pursue large forage and cold enough temperatures to trigger their feeding mentality.

It’s matching what nature is telling them with what they’re capable of.

If you wait too long their metabolism is too slow and they become non-committal.

Jump in too early, and they’re not worried about eating the largest meal possible, only what’s convenient.

Time it just right though and it could be the best trip of the year.

Recommended Bait: Churro in Whitey Tighties

4. Topwater
Here’s a controversial opinion: the mid-fall transition can produce some exceptional topwater fishing days.

Open the mind, and reach for at least one setup on days that are particularly nice out with fish feeding actively.

At the very least, other people will be hesitant to do the same, and you find yourself with less competition on the water.

The key to success is a cool average water temperature with a day that is warming up with a mix of sunshine and cloud cover.

Recommended Bait: Poppy McPop Face in Chrome Black Back

5. Crankbaits
The first bait everyone should reach for in the fall transition is crankbaits.

The vibrating action is a calling card for fish who have just been reminded that winter is coming to hurry up and feed.

Waterbodies vary, but most often fish will transition from deeper summer patterns where they pursue more oxygen-rich deep water, into fall ambush locations.

Recommended Bait: Jabber Jaw Deep in Diamond Craw or Green Craw

If you are as unwilling to decide as a summer bass, the lipless crankbait can be a great option as well.

The ability to control the retrieval depth manually allows you to attack multiple zones without retying.

Be sure to take into account the changes in the weather, water temperatures, and daylight hours and then be willing to try something new.

Take your time and find the right fit for the fish in your region and fall will soon become your favorite fishing season.

And as always, if it doesn’t work…you can blame me.

Written by Reid Miller: 13 Fishing Marketing Coordinator