At ICAST 2021 Okuma Fishing USA will introduce the newest, upcoming product releases for the year. At Okuma, we continue to develop new products after carefully listening to what anglers need, and as local and global fisheries evolve. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming for 2022.
A New Era in Bass Fishing Takes Flite with Okuma’s Hakai Reel.

Okuma’s new Hakai DT reels have been built from the bottom up. These lightweight reels feature Okuma’s LiteCast magnesium frame with a corrosion-resistant coating on both the frame and side plates for maximum durability. Starting at a whopping 5.9 ounces, these reels are lightweight and feature-packed.
Flite Spool is a Dream Tackle Design allowing Okuma to offer a super tuned spool on our premium baitcast reels. The spool is 33mm in diameter and was developed for long-distance casting as well as finesse-style fishing. The complete spool design weighs in at just 0.33 ounces as a result of its uniform thickness, which is what helps set this super-tuned spool apart from others.
Flite Shaft is a patented hollow stainless steel spool shaft with precision stainless steel balls pressed on each end. These balls rotate under pressure to reduce friction and help increase casting distance. Providing the perfect balance point between weight, strength, and smoothness.
Ceymar TG are the latest limited edition reels from Okuma. The Ceymar TG will be offered in a matte Tactical Green color and come in various sizes for both spinning and bait feeder models.
At FishLab we learn by doing, and this past year, we did a lot!

Here are a few items we will be rolling out with that will be essential for your salt or freshwater fishing arsenal.

The new FishLab Slam-A-Mander is a heavy cover swimbait that was designed for targeting big bass. With a heavy tail kicking action, the Slam-A-Mander can be fished in several ways including a classic swimbait presentation on a swim jig, vibrating jig, or weighted swimbait hook.
The Bio-Flyer winged bait harness will be a game-changer in big game fishing. No longer is the need to hunt down live flying fish late at night or buying frozen flying fish for up to $50 each. Designed to be attached to any big bait, dead or live mackerel, the Bio-Flyer will turn them into a true looking flying fish
The Bio-Shad Tailspin features a life-like body shape, the hottest colors on the market and the new Owner bladed treble hook conversion to make it the first tailspin bait with two treble hooks. The two treble hooks greatly increase the hook to land ratio especially on gamefish that like to jump or do violent head shakes.
Award-Winning Lure and Hook Designer and Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame Angler Bill Siemantel joins the Okuma and FishLab brands as Product Development Consultant.
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Connecting you to the fish since 1992, Soft Steel USA has developed new lines that are both resilient and reliable.
Soft Steel Instinct Fluorocarbon is manufactured on an advanced extruding machine to create a professional-grade fishing line that is durable, abrasion-resistant, and nearly invisible underwater.
Tatakai Fluorocarbon is a premium line that delivers exceptional durability and sensitivity as well as extreme abrasion resistance when fishing around heavy cover. Features minimal stretch to detect light bites, and keep fish hooked. Produced in Japan, the Tatakai is a 100% fluorocarbon line, and is supple with superior break strength.
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