Getting into a hot car or spending all day in the sun on a boat can be miserable, but there are easy ways to beat the heat. At Covercraft we have a lot of great ways to help give your vehicle the heat defense it needs that will also protect your interior from fading and getting damaged from harmful UV rays.

1.) Block Windshield Heat

When you park your vehicle outside as the intense sun shines through your windshield it bakes your car. The windshield acts as a giant magnifying glass that not only makes your vehicle feel like a sauna, but also destroys your dash, seats, trim, and more.

So, how do you keep your windshield from letting in so much harmful heat & UV rays? Simple our Custom UVS100 Sunscreen is designed to fit your exact windshield. These sunscreens have a built-in insulating core that allows the sunshade to not only reflect heat but dissipate radiating heat that absorbs through most cheap universal heat shields.

Covercraft Custom UVS100 Sunscreen
Covercraft Custom UVS100 Sunscreen

“Must have with black leather! Love this thing. Can’t find anything to complain about.”

Customer Review – Ken


What Makes The Covercraft UVS100 Sunscreen The Best Heat Defense?

  • Custom patterned to your Exact Windshield
  • Reflective outside to send harmful heat & rays away from your interior
  • Insulating foam core to block surface heat from radiating through
  • Accordion design for compact storage & easy installation
  • Variety of styles to give your vehicle an upscale look

2.) Reduce Radiating Dash Heat

While parked or while driving your dash gets hit the hardest with UV rays and heat that will not only deteriorate your dash rapidly but also cause them to radiate heat off. The heat that radiates off will actually significantly increases your vehicle’s interior temperature to feel like a sauna.

Reducing the temperature of your dash is very easy with a Covercraft Dash Cover. The material actually helps dissipate the heat that shines through your windshield which helps reduce the overall interior temperature.

Why Get a Custom DashMat from Covercraft

  • Custom patterned to your specific year/make/model Dashboard
  • Exact cutouts for your sensors, displays, compartments, and vents
  • Speakers are covered when flat to prevent from cracking – Material won’t muffle your sound
  • Keeps your Dash looking like new
  • Variety of materials & colors for a unique style
Covercraft Original DashMat Dash Cover Reduce Radiating Heat to Beat The Heat
Covercraft Original Dashmat Dash Cover

3.) Reflect 360 Degree of Sun Rays

For a long time the silver car covers have been the go-to for reflecting heat away when parked. These covers are designed to reflect the bulk of the intense rays and heat away from your vehicle to keep your car, truck, or SUV cooler during the summer months especially.

Our Reflec’tect Custom Car Covers are custom-fit to your exact vehicle and are the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle cooler while also providing the all-weather protection you need. The UV-reflective silver-colored finish helps keep the vehicle cool while that water-resistant material helps repel rain and the tight weave keeps dust, pollen, and dirt out.

Trusted Car Cover Expert Manufacturer & Industry Leader Since 1965

  • Custom made to fit your vehicle
  • Reflective finish keeps the car cooler
  • Non-scratch grommets protect your finish
  • Elastic is sewn into the front & rear hems for easy installation
  • Can be modified and made to fit any vehicle or aftermarket accessories added
Covercraft Reflec'Tect Custom Car Covers will Reflect Heat and UV Rays
Covercraft Reflec’Tect Custom Car Covers

4.) Avoid Sitting in Scolding Seats

Leather and vinyl seats especially get super hot in the summer and just scold your bare skin and radiate heat into the car. A great counter to this is by adding a cool fabric like Microfiber or even genuine wool sheepskin seat covers. We know what you are thinking…wool is hot. However, that is not actually true with natural wool fibers as the fibers are hollow and allow air to circulate through each fiber. This makes the covers very breathable which keeps them at a neutral temperature all year. In the summer they will feel cool and in the winter they will feel warm.

  • Custom-tailored & ready-fit options
  • 1″ thick plush yet dense comfort
  • Cool in the summer warm in the winter
  • Super soft to the touch
  • Variety of colors to fit your style perfectly
Comfy Sheepskin Custom Seat Covers by Covercraft will keep you cool in the summer
Comfy Sheepskin Custom Seat Covers by Covercraft

5.) Don’t Bake on the Water

We also have some must have ways to beat the heat on the water. We all know the sunshine is a welcome reprieve when boating, but to much time in the sun will turn you bright red and hurt. Get some shade on the water when you need it with one of our Premium Carver Bimini Tops.

Bimini Tops - Carver by Covercraft
Carver Stainless Steel Premium Acrylic Bimini Top

“I’ve been using this for a while off the Florida Keys and am very happy with this bimini top. This has held up very well to the salt down here and the material and craftsmanship are top-notch! I highly recommend to anyone that wants a quality bimini top. I’m going to be getting a boat cover now.”

Customer Review – Robert Z