We have you covered in this edition. No matter if you are chasing bass in the southeast, or ice hole jumping in Dakota’s. All three sections combine for 24 articles. Ice Zone! Open Water Zone! Hunting Zone! Look for crappie, bass, walleye, lake trout, brown trout and redfish fishing with hog hunting, a African buffalo story and much more.

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Articles To Look Forward To:

Crappie Main Streamed, Pg 7
Lure the BIG Trout, Pg 12
Dropper Magic, Pg 17
Sonar For Ice-Fishing, Pg 22
How To Jig, Pg 24
Sight Ice Fishing, Pg 30
Icing Walleyes, Pg 34
Early Ice Walleyes, Pg 36
Icy Lake Trout, Pg 40
Moving on the Ice, Pg 45
First Ice Walleye Lessons, Pg 47

Power of the Perfect Match, Pg 59
Lake Alan Henry, Pg 64
Lake Erie’s Western Basin Walleye, Pg 67
Santee Cooper Lakes, Pg 73
Boat Up-Keep, Pg 77
Spring Panfish Tactics, Pg 78
Greetings from Eastern Long Island, Pg 81
The (Fish) Eyes Have It, Pg 84
Cold Winter Days, Pg 87
Winter Is Full Of The Best Months, Pg 88

Georgia Swamp’s Wild Hog’s, Pg 95
Chris Tanner-Knife Designer, Pg 97
A Half-Life Of Buffalo Hunting, Pg 100

Meet Our ODU Guides – Pg 90
The Outdoor Exchange – Pg 105