Bagley Baits is proud to introduce 10 new colors into their premium lines of balsa hardbaits. These new colors were designed by touring pros through the hands of artisan painters to create baits that not only look good but flat out catch fish. These new colors represent craws, bluegills and shad to mimic a variety of forage in different water types. They will be available in the Balsa B series, Diving B, Pro Sunny B, Pro Sunny B Twin Spin, Flat Balsa B2, and Balsa Wake.

Bagley Baits worked with its network of pros to arrive at the best new colors for their crankbaits. Pros including Bass Elites Drew Benton, Scott Canterbury, and Jeff Gustafson, as well as Major League Fishing’s Matt Becker, worked closely with the Bagley team, discussing their most effective Bagley custom hand-painted baits and old school Bagley cranks. Out of this research has emerged ten new captivating colors that everyone is excited about and already proving their merit on the water.

Designed to mimic all types of shad including blueback herring and threadfin, the Blue Chartreuse Shad (BCSD) pattern brings anglers just the right amount of flash to get the job done in waters with shad as primary bass forage. 

Like the Blue Chartreuse Shad (BCSD) pattern, the Blue Olive Shad (BOSD) is painted with just the right amount of blue and white to mimic all types of shad making it idea for fishing during herring and threadfin shad bites. 

Designed to mimic bluegills when they’re most colorful, the Orange Belly Gill (OBGL) is perfect for cranking waters with bluegills as well as perch, which it also resembles.

Painted to resemble bluegills of all types and phases, the Purple Bluegill pattern (PBGL) is the perfect choice for waters with bluegills and perch serving as primary largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass forage. 

A staple of pro angler’s custom-painted crankbait boxes, Bagley now brings the ever-popular Chartreuse-tinted Root Beer pattern (CSRB) to anglers of all walks. Perfect for clear waters and crankin’ all season long. 

Also a staple of pro angler’s custom-painted crankbait boxes, Bagley is proud to launch the ever-popular Root Beer pattern (RB). Like the Chartreuse Root Beer (CSRB) pattern but with a slightly muted brown and orange affect, the new Root Beer pattern (RB) has proven itself on waters across the United States during all seasons of the calendar. What was once a custom-color is now available to all anglers. 

“It’s a staple you’ve got to have in your box,” says Bass Elite Pro Scott Canterbury. Body of water and situational dependent, Burnt Crawdad gives anglers an option of mimicking craws that are brown with tinges of brighter colors. 

“Whether you’re fishing clear or dirty water the Cooked Crawdad (CKCW) is a multi-seasonal pick for me for both largemouth and smallmouth,” notes Bass Elite pro Jeff Gustafson. “It just gets noticed and stands out nicely along the rocks or whatever bottom content you’re fishing. It’s just hard to go wrong with that orange and red combo on waters where crawfish are a predominant forage.”  

The choice of many pros for summertime crawfish phases, the Crusty Crawdad (CRCW) is the perfect combination of brown, orange, and red to match crawfish in various molting phases. Works all season long on largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass waters. 

Designed to mimic crawfish during their spring and fall phases, the Hot Claw Crawdad (HCCW) pattern is a slightly muted brown with flashy orange-tipped tail. “This crawfish color is absolute dynamite,” exclaims Bass Elite pro Scott Canterbury. 

Scott Canterbury is one angler of the design group who’s incredibly excited about the 10 new colors. “I had some input into the new colors and I’m really jazzed about the end product. They are truly a collection of bait patterns that brings the custom, hand-painted look to anglers of all walks, pros and weekend anglers alike. It’s going to be great. There is literally a pattern to match every kind of forage base on every lake, river, or reservoir you might encounter,” notes Canterbury.

Major League Fishing pro Matt Becker also had a hand in designing the new colors and similarly speaks very enthusiastically of the entire line-up.

“There are 10 new colors in Bagley crankbait families including four new crawfish patterns that will cover you from spring through winter—all different molting phases. You’ve got red, you’ve got orange and dark brown—what amounts to patterns that will cover all the various crawfish appearances on a host of waters across the country. Since crawfish change color throughout the year we now have solid options for anglers to match all of those. It’s easy now to choose a Bagley crankbait that will look natural all year long,” notes Becker.

Becker continues: “We also have some classic colors—chartreuse root beer and a regular root beer—which are all around good patterns. These have been proven patterns for years and now they’re available in a Bagley crankbait. We’ve also got a couple bluegill colors—purple gill which is a color that I helped design and is my go-to perch imitator. It mimics perch really well and is dynamite on smallmouth bass when they’re feeding on perch. There’s also an orange belly bluegill to match bluegills when they get really colorful. There are two shad colors as well—blue chartreuse shad and olive blue shad. Both of those are killer shad imitators. They shine in a host of different water clarities and will catch bass all season long.”

Bass Elite pro Drew Benton has been fishing the new patterns in a variety of Bagley models lately and is super impressed. He summarizes Bagley’s move into custom-painted baits nicely.

“I love the fact that Bagley went in the direction in the hand-painted look and design. Every time you’re throwing a balsa bait and it’s been created by hand—like these—you can really tell the love and the craftsmanship that’s gone into each bait. They just run and fish better than the competition. As a result, they simply catch more fish. The new cranks have some great muted tones to the patterns—they’re not super flashy. The forage colors are just spot on. With these ten new colors you ought to be able to catch fish from the far north to the deep south and you can match the forage of any river, lake, or reservoir you fish. That was the goal, and I collaborated with them on these patterns. My biggest input was Bagley was a brand that made its way in the fishing market by producing hand-crafted balsa and I thought we needed to get back to that hand painted design and now Bagley has knocked it out of the park with these 10 new colors across their lineup.”

Whether you’re a fishing pro or a weekend angler, you’re going to want to give Bagley’s new patterns that cover the esteemed Balsa B series, the Diving B, the Pro Sunny B, Pro Sunny B Twin Spin, the Flat Balsa B2, and the Balsa Wake, a shot. They represent serious coast-to-coast fish-catchers and have been painstakingly designed to meet the forage-matching requirements on waters from the deep south to the far north. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

New colors will be available spring 2022.