In his formative years, Gussy put up 1000’s of Canadian smallmouth bass on crankbaits. But typical of any angler, over time, you start experimenting with other tools and tactics and move in different directions. But when Gussy started bigtime competitive fishing across North America, he realized crankbaits needed to come back into the fold, especially on southern reservoirs.

In this video, Gussy picks through his tackle box and details which Bagley balsawood crankbaits deposit funds in his Bassmaster Elite account. He talks about their characteristics and depth ranges, as well as a bit about color selection, particularly Bagley’s new color palette for 2022.

Bagley Pro Sunny B

Designed to put a larger “pro sized” fast-action balsawood bait into the hands of anglers looking to find the big mamas. The square lip Bagley Pro Sunny B is a precision weighted lure that casts easily and gets to a consistent 5-6 foot running depth every time. This bait has a higher body profile with tremendous buoyancy but also has a deliberately designed tighter action for when fish are more docile. Equipped with a square lip to allow you to work it in heavy cover and around laydowns – where we all know the big ones hang out.

Bagley Sunny B

Bagley introduced the Sunny B in 2015. Made using the exclusive HCM manufacturing process, this uniquely shaped bait fish lure is precision balanced to cast easily and run true, whether retrieved fast or slow, with eye popping vibration. It also provides maximum action when twitched – just like a baitfish darting to escape a predator. The Sunny B is available in size 5 with a deep diving lip profile and bass-centric colors. Fish on.

The Sunny B and Pro Sunny B are manufactured using the exclusive Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process which is a technological advancement in making high quality balsa lures. This unique production process allows for a full wire through design, creating greater lure strength and durability when used with today’s modern lines and equipment. The HCM process also allows for precise internal weighting that results in easy casting and perfectly running baits – every time.