Repurposing is the name of the game in sunglasses. Buy a pair and hope they’ll perform as well in the boat as on the ski slope or driving to the grocery store. Makes sense…mostly. But what makes even more sense for anglers is owning an outrageously affordable pair that was critically conceived by Hobie Eyewear – with input from Hank Cherry – and engineered specifically for the demands of bass fishing: Hank Cherry Champions Collection.

Hobie Eyewear’s premium polarized lenses allow you to see deeper into the water and their floating technology protects your investment. Hank Cherry puts it in his own words…

SATIN BLACK & RED / SIGHTMASTER+ available in both models.

MSRP for all models in the Hank Cherry Champions collection retail for a modest $99.99, and each comes with a micro-fiber cloth for cleaning, plus a Hobie hard eyeglass case with a carbineer clip on the outside.

Those wishing to check out a pair at ICAST can stop by booth #4458 or check out the Hobie display at On The Water Day. Either way, you’ll catch a break on all four models with special show pricing, and incentives. Follow @hobieeyewear on Instagram or visit for details.