Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters Believes Current Makes Bass Easier to Locate If it’s summer, don’t look for Patrick Walters to be fishing anywhere on the main body of a lake. Instead, you’ll find the Yamaha Pro far upriver where he can work moving water. “Moving water is normally cooler, has more oxygen and baitfish, and overall, I think it’s easier to locate and pattern bass during the summer months because of how current positions fish,” says Walters, 24, a rookie…

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Identifying fish size on sonar is very difficult since you can change the size with sensitivity adjustments or depth range. Fish look larger on a depth range of 20 foot than 100 foot. The size of a fish is determined by the color of the fish arch. For example if you have palette colors yellow, blue and red. The more yellow you see the bigger the fish. The thickness of the fish arch also determines fish size. How long the…

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Lake trout spawn in the fall when the water temps fall to 48-57 degrees, eggs hatch about 140 days after being laid. This is a useless piece of information. I thought it would be a good idea to throw it in here, its how my mind works. For years I walked the shorelines of our reservoirs out west. Catching rainbows, browns, lake trout, salmon and pike. Sometime in the 70’s a Dave Leman and I saw our first float tube.…

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View this email online July crappie fishing can be hot and humid and the fish have transitioned to their summer patterns. This issue of CrappieNow offers stories on color selection, Jordan Lake, and other tips for catching summer crappies. Opening CastI can’t believe that it is July already!!! The days, months and years seem to fly by and there are so many changes happening all around us in society, life,… Simple, Economical Tactics for Summer Crappieby Tim Huffman Finding the…

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View this email online Lady catfish anglers have a lot to contribute to the catfish scene. They tend to approach the sport with less stress and more of an attitude of having fun. Maybe the catmen can learn something from them. Catfish ConnectionsThis July issue of CatfishNow is the third issue devoted to ladies in the sport of catfishing. Each year more women enter the sport in various ways. Many have joined… Looking Back at Chick Fightby Ron Presley Random…

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