We have you covered in this edition. No matter if you are chasing bass in the southeast, or ice hole jumping in Dakota’s. All three sections combine for 24 articles. Ice Zone! Open Water Zone! Hunting Zone! Look for crappie, bass, walleye, lake trout, brown trout and redfish fishing with hog hunting, a African buffalo story and much more. — ODU is nearing 24,000 subscriptions to our FREE digital fishing magazine. We are elated to know more and more anglers…

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View this email online Whether fishing through the ice in the north or soft water in the south, there’s plenty of winter action going on right now. Read about it “free” in the January issue of CrappieNow Digital Magazine.   Opening CastThe competitive bass world was recently rocked by a new tournament trail called Major League Fishing (MLF). For several years, MLF has used a unique format, weighing and releasing every… Electronic Smorgasbord featuring Tim BlackleyStory & photos by John…

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Inside The WildSide – Seasonal Solutions Getting Down – The Fine Art of the Fast Drop By Chip Leer Few feelings in ice fishing are as frustrating as the disappointment of spotting fish on sonar—then watching them swim away before your lure reaches the strike zone. Thankfully, you can put an end to these missed opportunities. The key is choosing lures that fall straight down—fast. While there are times for fishing a flutter spoon, swimming jig, gliding spoon, super-sized tube…

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View this email online Like most sports, the future of catfishing relies on successfully recruiting youth that enjoys it and are likely to continue participating as they get older. Catfish families across the spectrum are developing some great future catfish anglers as witnessed by the stories in this month’s issue of Catfish Now. Catfish ConnectionsThe holidays are upon us which also means “winter.” Brrrrr. The fishing slows down and our attention turns to preparing for the new fishing season and…

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