AUGUST 2019 FEATURED STORY Members of the Mercury family felt the force of Hurricane Michael In Florida, hurricane season is just part of life. Many locals don’t leave their homes to avoid even massive storms, choosing instead to hunker down and ride it out. So, when news stations reported in October of 2018 that Hurricane Michael was expected to hit the Florida Panhandle, it wasn’t surprising when many residents opted to shelter in place. Travis Watkins, manager of the Mercury…

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Matter of Crankbaits The huge storage lockers on our Nitro ZV21 Pro boats seem to fill up fast with crankbaits.  Even more, lures travel with us in the back of the truck.  For crankbaits, the action is always the first question, depth is the second, and color is the last, but where does crankbait size fit into the equation? READ MORE Pronghorn Lessons Burke has been guiding and outfitting in northeast Montana’s Missouri River Country for more than two decades…

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Identifying fish size on sonar is very difficult since you can change the size with sensitivity adjustments or depth range. Fish look larger on a depth range of 20 foot than 100 foot. The size of a fish is determined by the color of the fish arch. For example if you have palette colors yellow, blue and red. The more yellow you see the bigger the fish. The thickness of the fish arch also determines fish size. How long the…

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A lot of people like to eat their catch, Im one of “those guys”. Years ago I would catch my fish, put them on a stringer or in a live well. At the end of the day would fillet them. I did notice the fish would be “mushy” and not taste very good. After a fishing trip with a couple older guys I learned a very important lesson. Fish prep before you’re off the water. Here are a few steps…

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View this email online It is a long-argued position that catfish bite better at night. Plenty of anglers believe it and target the whiskered critters after the sun goes down. Catfish Connections I was recently asked whether fishing was just about tournaments. My reply was absolutely not. It is just a very visible platform which can highlight the sport, provide a competitive… Shoreline Success at Night by Ron Presley Catfishing from the bank at night can be comfortable and productive.…

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