Making Waves On and Off the Water (Glenn Hughes)- Your passion for fishing can have a huge impact on sportfishing industry conservation. There are more than 800,000 jobs in the United State that exist because of recreational fishing, yet none are more important than what you can do as an individual. From those directly tied to the industry, to fisheries conservation to helping others have a great day on the water: we need you! Our speaker, Glenn Hughes, earned a…

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Making Ripples So You Can Make Waves (Jacob Wheeler)- Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana is the last place you think that the number one ranked bass angler in the world would come from. From riding his bike to the canal down the street, to the local boat ramp hoping someone would take him fishing for a Wednesday nighter, to competing at the highest level in professional bass fishing. Follow along as Jacob discusses all of the ripples that have happened in his…

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