A rising tide, it’s said, floats all boats. Unfortunately, an ebbing economy can have the opposite effect. With inflation at levels that haven’t been seen in decades and gas prices rising even more, you can bet that charter captains and fishing guides across the country are feeling a shark-sized bite right where they keep their wallets. “It’s tough to make a living on the water when the cost of fuel and other expenses keeps rising,” says National Professional Anglers Association…

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I used to believe that anyone who fishes with a guide must actually know how to fish. When I started my own guide service in 1999, however, I quickly realized how wrong I’d been. Truth is, fishing clients show up at the boat with every conceivable combination of physical, mental, social, and angling skills. All of this is of great interest to the keen fishing guide. Your job as a guide is to figure out – as quickly as possible…

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Angler fishign with two rods wearing whitewater apparel

Mother Nature’s unpredictability comes in waves. Headquartered in Western Michigan, Whitewater makes performance fishing apparel that gives anglers the confidence to combat and overcome Mother nature’s challenges so they can enjoy better fishing experiences. Equally unpredictable are the myriad issues that threaten the health of recreational sportfishing and those who make a living there. “The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) exists to protect and advocate for the common interests of its nearly 1,400 members who make some or all of…

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Like the rest of the country, just about everyone in professional fishing circles and the recreational fishing industry is feeling the bite from inflation and a rising cost of living. The price of gas alone can really cut into your fishing opportunities in terms of the gear you can afford, the destinations you’ll fish, tournaments you’ll enter, and the repairs you’ll undertake – and all of this has a ripple effect on earnings of industry pros. At the National Professional…

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Representing the 1,400 member National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA), President Patrick Neu attended the American Sport Fishing Association’s (A.S.A.) Annual Spring Government Affairs Committee Meeting in Washington, D.C. on March 31 and April 1. The annual meeting provides sportfishing industry leaders a chance to directly engage with Congress and federal agency leaders on policy issues affecting natural resources and the recreational fishing industry. Covering a wide range of topics important to professional anglers, committee sessions during the two-day meeting covered…

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