Crappie caught using sonar

Two months ago, we shared research conducted by the Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) on the potential impacts of live-imaging sonar (LIS). In that study biologists said that while LIS may improve angler catch and size of crappie by casual weekend anglers, “overall differences were statistically minimal.” Now comes yet another LIS study by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. In his story about the new research, Randy Zellers, Assistant Chief of Communications for Arkansas G&F wrote that,…

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Ron Presley Lands Big Catfish

Patience and a calm day can produce some nice trophy blues in Wheeler Lake’s deep water forest.    by Ron Presley Cad Daly was one of the volunteer captains at the 2022 Spring Warrior Catfishing Contest hosted by Patriot Catfishing INC. Daly took out some of the veteran anglers and I covered the event for CatfishNOW. I hinted that I might be looking for a boat on Sunday following the event. He responded with an invite and we made plans…

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St. Croix Employees

St. Croix Rod invites all anglers to join one another in celebration of fishing at its 2022 Customer Appreciation Day, scheduled for Saturday, June 18 at the St. Croix Factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin. “Our St. Croix family looks forward to Customer Appreciation Day every year because it’s such a fun way to connect with our anglers, who are at the heart of everything we do,” says St. Croix Vice President of Marketing, Jesse Simpkins. “It’s a chance for us…

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Joel Nelson lands walleye on Northland bucktail

If you’ve been fishing for any length of time, you undoubtedly realize bucktail jigs catch a ton of fish. In fact, so productive is this basic fishing lure that for years the U.S. Army included it in their survival kits. With a storied past and reputation for producing under a wide array of fishing conditions, you might think it would be impossible to improve on this simple and legendary lure design, but Northland Fishing Tackle has done just that –…

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Angler Landing Fishing Wearing Whitewater apparel

Lightweight performance fishing shirts provide comfortable and versatile protection from the sun’s harmful rays while wicking moisture to keep warm-weather anglers cool during the heat of the hunt. But many so-called fishing tech shirts have a downside. It’s called permastink. The lightweight polyester material which forms the fabrics that perform so well in warm temperatures has a very small pore structure that can trap and tightly grip bacteria and odor molecules. Once trapped, these odors can be difficult or impossible…

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