Passion to Profession in the Eyes of the IRS Whether you count fishing as your hobby or livelihood, it’s critical to understand how the IRS views your activities. Join Gail Thompson and Joe Rubenstein from Froehling Anderson as they discuss IRS requirements for both recreational and professional anglers . You will gain valuable insight into the following: • Realizing the importance of good bookkeeping • Differentiating a hobby from a business • Optimizing savings with tax planning • Understanding multi-state…

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TOP ICE FISHING PROS TAPPED FOR NEW SPECIES- AND TECHNIQUE-SPECIFIC ICE HUNTER COMBOS Plano, IL (October 16, 2016) – You may never be a professional ice fishing guide or tournament angler, but you can aspire to learn what the pros know and apply it to your own style of fishing. This constant and ongoing discovery is what makes all forms of fishing so rewarding – and so much fun. Even after nearly 80 years of making trusted gear for anglers,…

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Future Angler Foundation Inks Five Year Agreement With U.S. Forest Service Promoting Recreational Fishing and Youth Events The Future Angler Foundation’s (FAF) President Patrick Neu, recently signed a 5 year partnership agreement with the United States Forest Service (FS) to work with the organizations the FAF supports to promote youth fishing events. The first of two events scheduled for June 2017 will be held at the Constitution Gardens pond on the National Mall, Washington, D.C. Through this partnership, the FAF…

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Partners: Better Together Session at Bi-annual AREA Conference Begins with “Creating New Anglers” FAF Presentation  Forestville, WI–On Monday October 24th 2016, Nick Schmal, Executive Director of the Future Angler Foundation (FAF) will provide an overview of how the partnerships with National Professional Angler Association (NPAA) members and other agencies and organizations work towards “Creating New Anglers ” His talk, Creating New Anglers Through Future Angler Foundation Partnerships, is part of a concurrent session entitled: Partners: Better Together scheduled during the…

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      New Report Urges Modernization in Federal Fisheries Management Series of recommendations for next Administration and Congress urge improvements 
to public access that create jobs and enhance conservation Alexandria, VA – October 19, 2016 – The Center for Coastal Conservation, along with the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) and the nation’s leading marine conservation and trade associations, today released a landmark series of recommendations for the incoming Administration and the new Congress that strive to balance improving access to…

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