Angler with Crappie

Floats don’t always flush. In fact, the preponderance of panfish bites are transmitted as pops, pings and pulls. Run-of-the-mill floats – as seen in the bargain bins – aren’t designed for precision, finesse fishing, but rather to sell at the cheapest possible price. They’re not perfectly balanced. They’re constructed of inferior materials. They twist into a bird’s nest on the cast. Northland dismisses all those foibles with its new Lite-Bite Spring Float. Built from premium balsawood, the remarkably sensitive floats…

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Welcome to Angling Currents, a series of weekly reports keying in on productive fishing patterns and techniques working right now, as explained by some of the best anglers in the nation. These short features are conceived and shared to help both beginning and experienced anglers find more success on the water. Two primary factors combine to make late-summer largemouth bass challenging to catch in many water bodies. First is that they’re often widely dispersed because they’re keying in on different…

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The non-profit Twin Cities Walleyes Unlimited organization helped build a fishing pier on the City of Victoria’s Wasserman Lake. Funds went directly to Victoria’s 10-acre Wasserman West Lakefront Park (9175 Church Lake Blvd.), which sits on the west side of Wasserman Lake. Improvements to the lake — water quality and enhanced access and recreation – were spearheaded by the city of Victoria and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.  Partners included Twin Cities Walleyes Unlimited. Lake access, fishing access in particular;…

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Mississippi River

From its headwaters in Minnesota to the deltas of Louisiana, the Mississippi River welcomes millions of anglers every year. But as nitrate runoff and invasive species threaten fisheries throughout the River, the Mississippi needs a total restoration effort to ensure sportfish stay healthy for the next generation of anglers. Last month, Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) introduced the Mississippi River Restoration and Resilience Initiative Act (MRRRI). This bill, modeled on other successful regional restoration programs, will authorize $300 million in federal…

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Angler holding fishing lures

Northland Fishing Tackle is proud to introduce three new bass-centric patterns into their premium line of Reed-Runner® spinnerbaits. These new colors were formulated by a team of bait designers and pros to mimic a variety of forage in different water types. The new patterns include Gizzard Shad, Gold Shiner and Sexy Shad and are available in all Reed-Runner spinnerbait styles, except for the Reed-Runner Magnum, which comes in a fish-catching Silver Black versus Gizzard Shad. All Reed-Runner blades are affixed…

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