Catfish love hiding beneath large areas of structure like brush or log piles. So if you want to catch catfish in a river here are a few tips to help you consistently catch catfish in any river. Find the structure and you’ll find the catfish.

In rivers look for a current moving in a circular motion. At the end of this type of current, the water will appear to be calm. This current is called an eddy and the calm water is where you often find a sharp drop into a deeper hole of water. Catfish tend to hold up in these areas. So, when the rough water ends that’s where catfish normally like to hang out, especially if it includes some type of structure.

Combine these locations with the right time of day and the right type of bait and you will have a fishing trip to remember. The best time of day has proven to be right before dark, until an hour or two after daylight.

There are lots of baits to use for catfish. Shad, chicken livers, night crawlers, and shrimp work great. It is common knowledge that catfish love shrimp. My experience suggests that they prefer white shrimp over pink shrimp. These tips have always worked for me and I hope that they work for you as well.