Cold Weather Fishing Essentials
Hydronaut® Heavy-Duty Waterproof Jacket
Hydronaut® Heavy-Duty Waterproof Bib
Hydronaut® Gloves
Thermaflex Gloves
Reaper Fleece Mask
Half Dome Beanie
Hexatron Performance Fleece Sweatpants
Hexatron Performance Crew LS Fleece
Vista Performance 1/4 Zip Fleece
Shadow Technical Fleece Hoodie
Adder Down Jacket
Adder Down Hooded Jacket
Womens Adder Down Jacket
Womens Reaper Hooded Tech Sweatshirt
8 Gear Tips: Cold Weather Fishing Clothing
Fishing in the elements can be extremely rewarding. However, it’s important to select the proper gear to keep you warm and dry when spending a day on the water during the winter.
Proper planning for a day of cold weather fishing can make all the difference in your level of comfort, as well as your ability to concentrate and perform to the best of your abilities. Let’s take a look at the type of gear you need to tackle a day of winter fishing.