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  1. Sonar tips
  2. New Devils Lake Map
  3. Walleye Schools added
Sonar Tip 1   
Fish size 
24 inch walleye at 17 feet
12 inch walleye at 42 feet
 24 inch
12 inch
Sonar Tip 2

I have been making some videos using sonar and side scan and confirming what I see with my Aqua-Vu camera and posting them on YouTube.

watch them on these links if you are interested
Devils Lake East Side Scan Map    
Devils Lake side scan of rocks and boulders is now complete for west and east. This is the future and bet more mapping companies will be doing it.
Devils Lake rocks and boulders hold the big fish and this sample is what you can find with the map chip and will be your GPS map!
I measured the big boulder and it is 11.2 feet, notice the measurement in the lower left corner.
Only available for Lowrance, I have tried to get Garmin and Humminbird to allow our maps to display.
Walleye Schools

Learn electronics and walleye techniques at a resort.