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  1. Christmas special on gift cards
  2. 2 Sonar Tips
  3. A new Aqua-Vu discount special
  4. Electronics training date
Sonar Tip    
Fish in trees
This example shows why I like to run my down imaging and 2D sonar at the same time.
the top arrow shows the fish better on 2d and the bottom arrow shows the fish better on DI. If you just used one screen you won’t have as good data and it can affect your decision on if you should stop and fish or move on.
Doctor Sonar exclusive Bio-Lume   
Another discount from my partner Aqua-Vu.
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Side Scan Side Scan Fish Shadows   
This example is interesting with 3 fish and 3 fish shadows but the 3 fish (white) look like the same distance from the transducer but the fish shadows are all different distances.
The reason is the the fish are at different depths which you can’t determine using side scan. The higher a fish is in the water column the farther away the shadow will display.
Doctor Sonar Electronics Training School

Learn how to get the most out of your electronics so you can catch more fish.
Jan 7, 2017 Chula Vista Resort Wisconsin Dells