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  1. New “Ask the Doc”
  2. Sonar Tip
  3. New HDS LIVE training DVD
  4. Map reading Tip
  5. Legacy models DVD sale
  6. Devils Lake History Map
Sonar Fish Arches

I get many questions on why fish don’t make nice fish arches. The tails of the fish arch are the fish on the edge of the cone as you approach the fast and then drive away from the fish.. When you are in shallow water the cone is narrow so the fish arch has short tails.
In deep water you get longer tails. You also get long tails on big fish since they are picked up on the edge of the cone better than small fish.
Lowrance HDS LIVE Training DVD released 

The HDS LIVE is the latest edition to the HDS series. This is the fastest unit I have used. The buttons respond quickly even if you get a little crazy pushing them too fast!

Lowrance HOOK, GEN 1&2 Keypad, Humminbird Core Models DVD sale 50% off
Ask the Doc 
Respond to this email with requests you have for education in the future emails. I will do my best to include them in future newsletters.
Map Tip

Inside corners/cups/inside bends
Points are always good but how about inside corners? I have found 3 things that make inside corners productive. Weeds, deep water nearby and hard bottom. Inside corners can have hard or soft bottom unlike points which are often hard bottom. Vegetation near the drop-off is very important. The 3rd thing is deep water nearby. If you find all three you may hit the jackpot. And most anglers don’t fish inside corners so the fish are not pressured as much. Ignore the waypoint named point, it was a tiny point I found that wasn’t on the map. It was another key spot!

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Devils Lake Map Improved 

We added the Three Devils Lake map cards in one  1990 – 1980IR – 1949 plus the Color survey of parts of the lake.