Your Monthly News & Updates
This Issue
  1. Download and streaming of DVDs added
  2. Samples of the master mapper “Warren Parsons”
  3. Sonar Tips
  4. Lake Erie fishing tip
  5. Walleye Schools added
DVD Downloads

International shipping is expensive and doesn’t always get delivered so we have added downloads/streaming of the training DVDs.
I have also had many requests for this from customers that don’t have DVD players.
Master Mapper samples   
Warren Parsons who makes the Doctor Sonar maps has had a long winter.
This sample is from Ft. Peck Montana showing an island and showing the part of the island that was exposed during a drought. The colors make it interesting.
   This is a zoomed out image using different colors.
Warren made all of these maps for Doctor Sonar, Doc used them for tournament fishing before they were released……..
Sonar Tip 1   
Don’t let Auto Sensitivity fool you. The right side has lower sensitivity because the bait ball returned strong signals so the Auto Sensitivity adjusted for the strong signals. 
Sonar Tip 2    
This is a great image from when I was fishing big walleyes in trees. Down imaging is the best for trees and weeds. 
Arrows point to targets 
Green rocks 
yellow trees 
white tree shadow or dropoff
red big fish
Lake Erie Mud Lines 

For you guys fishing Erie, or any of the great lakes, here is a link where you download current imagery of the lakes.
Mud line knowledge is important.
If you have a mapping program you can download them in a TIFF format and you have a map with coordinates. Down side is many days there will be cloud cover.
You can also download these in a JPEG format to view on any photo viewer.
Walleye Schools

Learn electronics and walleye techniques at a resort.