There’s no end to the versatility that VMC® jigs offer. Ice fishing for catfish in Kansas. Open water vertical jigging for deep water walleye in June. You name it, VMC® has it: darter and tube jigs, hair jigs, ned rig jigs, panfish jigs, shaky jigs, swimbait jigs, swinging jigs, tungsten jigs, underspin jigs, walleye jigs, wacky jigs, glidefish jigs, ice fishing jigs. No matter what you fish for – walleye, bass, panfish, trout, catfish, pike, etc. – VMC® has you covered.

But it’s more than just offering a wide variety of jigs. Drawing on a legacy of 112 years, VMC® engineers are constantly innovating to develop jigging presentations that catch more and bigger fish. VMC® jigs, featuring super sharp/super strong hooks that deliver powerful hooksets, are perfectly balanced for flawless presentation. VMC® offers fishing jigs with a wide number of enhancements, such as 3D holographic eyes, UV and glow finishes, as well as a wide choice in classic color patterns, to allow you to provide pinpoint presentations.

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