Cathy Frantz, president and owner of DuraSafe, is revolutionizing locking solutions for all with the keyed-alike feature. This feature allows all of DuraSafe locks – past, present and future – to have the same key for every single lock. Not only does this streamline locking solutions, but this gives customers the peace of mind they need to keep their equipment and electronics protected from theft.

With DuraSafe’s innovative keyed-alike solution, customers can replace the dreaded key search with the ease of having one key for all of their DuraSafe locks. DuraSafe proudly manufactures and assembles all locks in the USA. This allows for customization on orders to meet customers’ precise needs with high-quality, American-made products: no pre-packaged, pre-bundled lock sets from overseas.

The industries DuraSafe serves goes far beyond automotive, reaching fishermen, hunters, RV enthusiasts and more. The locks are made of stainless steel and versatile enabling them to be used in multiple different ways and for years on end.

“We believe that security should be dependable and powerful, but it shouldn’t be complicated,” explains Frantz. “That’s why we introduced our Keyed-Alike system, a customizable and made-to-order security solution. This high quality, yet affordable locking method enables a single key to unlock multiple locks for new and existing customers.”

DuraSafe has always stayed focused on keeping the customer trust top of mind. The goal is to offer something different through the design and manufacturing of towing accessories and locks for outdoor adventurists.

About DuraSafe:

Since 2003, DuraSafe’s team has shared a passion for securing the products that power outdoor adventures. Proudly manufactured in the USA, DuraSafe has been committed to designing high quality, custom, hassle-free locking solutions. DuraSafe is a Wisconsin-based company that believes in authenticity, innovation and the power of American manufacturing.