FishDonkey is proud to announce a partnership with the National Professional Anglers Association.  NPAA understands that the future of the industry relies on conserving our resources, and one piece of that puzzle is making catch and release tournaments the way of the future.

FishDonkey is a mobile app that gives you the tools to create, manage, and join fishing tournaments.  Each catch is documented through the app with anti-cheating technology applied to photos and a release video, and then fish are immediately released back into the water.  Photos and standings are updated in real time throughout the day on live leaderboards.  The app reinforces fishing conservation by reducing delayed mortality rate of tournament fish and legitimizing catch and release.  It’s a fresh way to keep anglers motivated, or change their strategy, and also allows spectators to follow along.  You now have the power to create a derby, a series, leagues, or run high school clubs using real documentation, but a virtual leaderboard. 

FishDonkey also opens up new market possibilities:  Promotional tournaments for a brand, social media influencer or fans of a fishing professional.  It is feasible to skip the venue and resources needed to physically manage an event, and you can run it over a longer period of time, over more geography.  This opens the door to anglers who in the past, may not have considered entering a tournament.  Previously, an angler may not have joined in simply because it didn’t fit in their schedule, the venue was too far, too expensive, or they didn’t have a boat.  Many of those defining rigid rules of a tournament were previously unattainable for many anglers. The app is fit for professionals, but it’s changing the game for the common angler as well.

“This tournament brought out a side of me I thought was long, long gone.  I could care less about the prizes, the rankings, the end result.  It gave me the drive to get out there and give it all I had.  Lots of fun guys.  Lots of fun.”  ~Albert Ackermann, Angler

FishDonkey is a sophisticated software product that has a simple user experience.  It makes tournaments easier to run, and it’s better for fish.

The app is available for iOS and Android.  Find more info on their website, Instagram, or Facebook pages.  Email FishDonkey with inquiries at: