Brain Bashore February 15, 2019 It’s been just over a month since our Annual conference and even though the attendance was down a bit this year, the experience, knowledge and time spent networking with friends old and new was worth every dime. I want to thank all of you that attended and took time away from your busy schedules to not only hone in on your professional skills but to share your knowledge with others. I would also like to thank many of you that took the time to submit the survey. We received lots of very positive feedback however it has become clear to me that there are a couple of items we need to address. The NPAA conference has grown and changed over time which for the most part is good however with change comes challenges. I feel that under the direction of the Board of Directors (BOD) and our Executive Director we can address these challenges head-on and strive to make your experience at the conference more valuable, as well your overall member experience for 2019/2020. Over the coming months, the BOD will be discussing these challenges and ways to implement some changes that will hopefully bring a more positive experience to all NPAA members. The NPAA has a lot of untapped potential that I believe we can capture by creating a strategy to help us become more valuable to our members and partners. As the BOD and our management team work vigorously during this year to organize and grow the NPAA, I challenge each one of you to tell a friend or fishing partner about the NPAA. If there is a local club or organization that wants to know more about the NPAA we have the resources to help you educate them. You are all the ambassadors for this organization and the future of the NPAA is in your hands. If at any time you have questions or concerns with the NPAA please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the BOD or the Executive Director. My door always is open, and I welcome any questions, concerns or ideas that you may have. “A rising tide moves all ships” And with over 1,200 members currently the NPAA should be able to make a big wave if all move it together. You are Our Future, Brian Bashore President, NPAA