Head2Head Fishing is excited to announce an impressive lineup of new and returning sponsors for the inaugural 2021 PWS season. With many of the industry’s largest brands on board, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year!

Walleye Nation Creations LLC is Owned and Operated by Bill Mcgannon and Brian Hunke and continues to press the envelope of new and innovative fishing lures. The company has exploded on the walleye scene and offers a large selection of lures that perform.

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American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) is a fishing clothing and tackle company that strives to provide anglers with high performance and reliable products that will be able to withstand the harshest elements. Focusing on conservation and fishing resources, they have made a pledge that 10% or more of their profits will contribute to different conservation partners around the US.

As the world’s leading fishing tackle company, passion is what continues to make Berkley so successful in the fishing industry. Their extensive selection of products was hand developed by the most passionate anglers out there. With a mission to make fishing fun and help anglers everywhere catch more fish, the wide variety of hard baits, soft baits, fishing lines, fishing rods, and more, makes it very easy to do so.

Founded in 1921, the AB Urfabriken (ABU) company focused on producing pocket watches, taxi meters, and telephone timers until World War II hit and caused a huge decline in demand for those products.  ABU then used their craftsmanship and skills to develop precision fishing reels that could be used all over the world by all anglers.  The first Abu Garcia reel (the ABU Record) hit the shelves in 1941 and the company soon noticed that they had joined another huge and successful industry. Another 20 years later, the company changed its name when ABU combined with a US distributor called Garcia to come up with Abu Garcia and the name has stuck since.  Abu Garcia has grown to become one of the most known brands in the fishing industry and they continue to perfect their products to make sure they are high quality and innovative.

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Named after a mosquito because of the long, needle-shaped nose, Skeeter’s first boat was built in 1948 in Shreveport, LA. As one of the first companies to use fiberglass during boat construction, they have continued to grow and expand to make their boats one of the most popular brands in the US. They recently expanded in 2017 by opening a trailer factory where they build their own high-quality trailers in house.

With a mission to “unite all fishermen in the way a ‘HUK’ is a piece of equipment common to every single form of angling,” Huk gear offers multiple styles of fishing clothing that is fully functional, highly rated, and will catch the eye of all anglers, no matter the age.  Having a great amount of knowledge of what lacks in the fishing industry has given Huk a great lead to create and provide the best quality apparel to uphold in rain, sun, and wind.

Named after a lake in Washington State where the first poles were made, Fenwick came about when a group of businessmen got together to come up with the development of a rod that would constantly be ahead of any other brand in the fishing industry.  Their goal is to continue pushing the passion for fishing and to set the pace for generations of anglers to come. The technology used continues to meet the needs of avid fishing enthusiasts by continuing to advance their products year after year.

As one of 97 dealers in the nation to have won the CSI Award, Sport-O-Motive has a mission to provide the best possible service. This is easy to achieve when you are staffed with factory-trained service technicians and knowledgeable / Polaris master certified staff. Carrying the Tracker Family boat lines as well as Polaris snowmobiles, rangers, and RZR utility vehicles, they will make sure they find the right fit for you!

A haven for birders, hunters, anglers, tourists, and outdoor enthusiasts, the Big Stone Lake area has it all. Their area parks and attractions offer many different activities such as boating, biking, fishing, swimming, golfing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and wildlife exploration. The 26-mile long lake was formed by glaciers 20,000 years ago and has developed into a beautiful year-round attraction.

Lucky’s Lakeside Resort is the premier resort on Lake Wisconsin which includes Lucky’s Bar & Grille, Lucky’s Bridge Motel, and new executive suites to accommodate almost any size group. With 1.6 acres and water on 3 sides of the property, Lucky’s Lakeside Resort is the perfect destination for fisherman and water lovers! The area called Lake Wisconsin, set between Madison and Wisconsin Dells is just waiting for you to explore and enjoy. If it’s fishing, boating, swimming, water-skiing, jet-skiing, kayaking, hiking or just laying in the sun, we have that and more. Lake Wisconsin is a 10,000-acre lake with 57 miles of shoreline. Every fish in Wisconsin inhabits the lake including walleye, white bass, black bass, catfish, northern pike, muskellunge, sturgeon, and the various panfish.

Bridgford Foods started back in 1932 as a small meat market in California that continued to grow and develop into a meat processing and frozen food manufacturing corporation who now employs over 500 people, sells beef jerky, breads & rolls, sausage, and more. You can find Bridgford’s products in all 50 states plus Canada and some markets overseas!

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Founded in 1913, Brecknell has made its way to become a global leader in variations of scales and weighing solutions. Their mission is to produce high valued accurate scales that are easy to use and store. Their different scales are used for many different things including, but not limited to fishing use, office use, medical use, and more! With a history as big as theirs, they will continue to focus on customer satisfaction and quality production.

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Bassin’ on da Border, Part II will be taking place right in the heart of La Crosse, WI and what’s a better way to make this a great event than to team up with Explore Lacrosse?! Their mission is to really put a spotlight on the Upper Mississippi Valley region and showcase what the area has to offer.

Blackfish evolved when the founders saw a need for gear that could perform in any weather condition. This led them to create premium rain gear, sun gear, and soft-shells that are both warm and comfortable. Their mission is to continue to produce high quality, high performance, and reliable gear that will not fail you in any weather condition.

Lew Childre had a passion for fishing unlike any other. From selling shrimp to fishermen for bait to opening a small tackle shop, he was constantly around all things fishing which piqued his interest in creating better fishing products than ever before. He started with homegrown bamboo and tried to figure out the pros and cons and how to change cuts, shapes, and finishings so they would keep their quality for years down the line. Unfortunately, baboo was limited in the US and his process cost a little more than most because of the quality difference which made the going rate for his poles $1.00 as opposed to the typical 25cents. As he found new ways and better areas to supply him with the right products, his company has grown and evolved into one of the most successful brands in the industry, even since his passing in 1977. Lews now sells rods, reels, hooks, motors, and more.

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Lauri Rapala started creating lures after he spent hours, days, months observing fish and what they go after when they are hungry. He noticed that they will 9/10 times go after schools of minnows and eat the one minnow that it could find that had just a little off-centered wobble. He then started trying to carve the perfect wobbly minnow so he would no longer have to spend time baiting lines. In 1936, he perfected his first successful lure from cork with tin foil from chocolate bars as the outer surface under the protective coating. He continued developing better lures year after year which led to what we have today from Rapala.

Motor Sock is a small owned business nestled in the heart of Central Wisconsin focused on manufacturing cable sleeves for the trolling motor cables and the motor rigging cables. In addition to cable management products they are also a dealer for Ionic lithium batteries. Motor Sock prides itself on innovation and excellent customer service.

Founded in 2007, Predatortour came about when the founder Evert Oostdam was fishing with friends in Norway and they were told about a fishing competition.  At the competition on Lake Steinsfjorden, all of the species that were fished (pike, zander, and perch) were all killed and brought onto shore to get weight.  This dawned on Evert and made him realize that he could create a competition that would not kill any fish but would practice the catch & release format.  Two years later (2009), the Predatortour began in Norway and with great success, it moved to Ireland, The Netherlands, and Sweden.  After trying out many locations, names, and formats they have decided to settle down at Europarcs the Biesbosch where they host their European Predatortour catch & release tournaments.

Pat Magdaleno, former professional MMA fighter, founded Mags Custom rods in 2017 after a very successful career. He set high goals to create a great variety of custom rods that are high quality and precise to help anglers catch big fish consistently. Each rod is hand built in Gwinn, MI and crafted to be the best custom rod you can find.

Worldwide Marine Underwriters was founded in 1986 in Grand Ledge, MI.  They provide underwriting, binding, and quoting for marine insurance to all of the United States. Representing reputable, financially sound, A-rated insurance carriers, they also provide coverage in minutes with a toll-free call.