Head2Head fishing recently became a Gold Supporting Partner with the National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) in hopes to continue to grow fishing knowledge and tournament opportunities around the US.

NPAA is a non-profit organization that is completely member-based. Their team consists of tournament anglers, fishing and marine industry professionals, angler educators, and professional guides who are all passionate about the sport.  While many anglers keep fishing as a hobby, many members of NPAA have furthered their passions into professions, and want to share their insight to keep the fishing industry alive and growing.

“NPAA and H2H together will change the walleye fishing industry” -Kyle Carpenter, H2H Tournament Director

The NPAA offers many benefits for anglers to grow in their careers, and at H2H, that is our mission.  Combining the reach of the NPAA and the opportunity of H2H, anglers will have more exposure than ever before.

More information about Head2Head Fishing and upcoming events can be found on our website: https://h2hfishing.com/