Let’s be honest, ice fishing preseason really doesn’t start until you know Northland Fishing Tackle’s key skill players. For winter 2022-23, the ambassadors of ice fishing come to the fish house with a trifecta of new lure teams. Here’s a preview of each…

Glass Buck-Shot Spoon

The legend of the Northland Buck-Shot Spoon continues. New for ice fishing 2022-23, the Glass Buck-Shot Spoon features a high pitch glass rattle chamber to play on a fish’s auditory senses. Innovative translucent patterns add to its attractiveness. Available in three sizes and 10 distinct fish-catching colors. MSRP’s are $9.99 (single spoon) and $24.99 (three pack).

Rigged Tungsten

Heavy-for-their size tungsten jigs remain all the rage. Northland adds to its extensive tungsten jig collection with the new Rigged Tungsten Bloodworm, Mini Smelt and Mayfly Larvae. Each is rigged with a tungsten Mud Bug jighead and soft, ultra-realistic body. All variations are available in five proven color combinations and come with two rigged jigs and three extra tails per pack. MSRP is $8.59.

Level Head Tubes

Serious hardwater predator chasers understand the power of a vertically jigged tube. Northland’s new Level Head Tube comes rigged with a soft and chewy body that swims and darts like a dying baitfish. Its unique level head design lets it hang horizontally at rest. A beefy molded hook and blood red sting’r combine for hearty hooksets on trout, pike, and walleyes. The Level Head Tube is available in four catchy colors and three sizes with one rigged and an extra tail per pack. MSRP’s from $7.99 to $8.99.