It’s Week 3 of the Fishing…Share the Fun Campaign. Last week, we talked about introducing new anglers to the sport. This week’s goal is to re-engage anglers who are no longer actively participating. Over the last two years, thousands of new anglers got started and thousands more got back to fishing after a long break. This week, we offer tools to lure those prospective customers back to our sport.
What can you do to get someone back on the water?
Many lapsed anglers just need a nudge to get them off the sofa and the easier we can make it for them, the better. Sometimes, it just takes an invitation to spark renewed activity.
Want to keep your customers fishing (and buying)?
Winning back lapsed customers is an important revenue-making opportunity. Send a note to one-time customers inviting them to come back to fishing and remind them about the fun they are missing. Including a discount or another incentive is always a plus.

There are lots of tools in this week’s kit including checklists, videos and suggestions on how to build new relationships and expand the fishing community.

Don’t forget to spread the word!
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