Life on Earth evolved in the salt. The Best Rods on Earth® – for the salt or elsewhere – evolve in Park Falls, Wisconsin, USA.

Witness the evolution of inshore fishing-rod technology and design at ICAST 2020 Online, where St. Croix unveils its completely reimagined Mojo Inshore Series for the benefit of coastal anglers around the world. Headlined by the powerful and lightweight 7’9” extra-heavy power, moderate-fast action JIC79XHMF model, innovative NEW Mojo Inshore rods deliver more sensitivity, more durability, more smoothness and more overall performance by design… for angler-friendly Mojo money.

See the all-new St. Croix Mojo Inshore JIC79XHMF in the Saltwater Rod category of the 2020 ICAST Online New Product Showcase.