Sunline Pro Jason Christie is known as one of the premier shallow water power fishermen in the country. Christie has collaborated with Sunline to develop the ultimate power fishing fluorocarbon, Power2C FC.  Power2C FC features repeating high visibility markings on the line to provide greater visibility for line watching, to be able to see the lightest bites. “Being able to see your line when flipping and pitching around shallow cover is absolutely critical. There is often a time during the day where you cannot see your line. The high visibility markings on Power2C allows me to always see my line, which is going to allow me to put more fish in the boat. There are so many times we get bites and don’t feel them. Watching your line is critical, and Power2C makes that so much easier.” said Christie. 






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Sunline Board Shorts




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These board shorts are great active wear for fishing or any outdoor activity.  Our navy nylon board shorts feature a Sunline America logo on left leg.



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Sunline Silver Hat



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Sunline Silver Hat. One size fits most.






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