We have the 2023 walleye fishing champion! From Minnesota, meet our friend John Hoyer. Hoyer just won the big $130,000 prize at Cabela’s NWT walleye championship on Lake Erie out of Dunkirk, New York. Hoyer is no stranger to winning walleye gold. He’s won a number of times in the past. In addition, John has been a champion on the Pro Muskie Tournament Trail. In 2022, John Hoyer made it to the final day at the world’s first one-million-dollar bass tournament sponsored by Bass Pro. Is there anything that swims that John Hoyer can’t catch? We don’t think so. Listen to John Hoyer tell his story, please.

The interview with John Hoyer is available at https://www.wefishasa.com/episode-323-august-31-2022/

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