JR Carter and Kris Walcker Return to the 50th Annual Bismarck Sports Show to Host Kids Fishing Clinic


BISMARCK, ND, February 17, 2019 – The angling duo of JR Carter of Mandan and Kris Walcker of Minot joined forces again for another kids fishing clinic at the 50th Annual Bismarck Sport Show that was held at the Bismarck Event Center.

The duo weaved together another great seminar that fully engaged and entertained 51 kids and as well as the 42 adults who were in attendance.

During the one hour session, they incorporated open water and ice-fishing tips, discussed the importance of catch and release when fish are caught shallow so pre-spawning fish can provide future fishing opportunities, covered aquatic nuisance species and proper cleaning, had a shore-fishing slip bobber demo and the always popular fish identification.

To wrap the seminar up, they coached the kids with hands-on casting that allowed them to learn proper technique while casting and reeling in a fish. There was some serious excitement when they hooked the plastic practice fish!

The duo stated anyone can fish and it can be done anywhere there is access to fish, so we hope the seminar sparked interest in the kids and adults alike to get out there as they are catching memories, not just fish.

Carter and Walcker thank the Future Anglers Foundation, Lincoln’s Sportsman Club and the North Dakota Game and Fish for the awesome prizes as every kid in attendance received a t-shirt, activity book, their very own fishing rod and varying fishing prizes for correct answers throughout the seminar.[