Lure Lock Becomes the Official Tackle Box of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish!

(Elbow Lake, MN)

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish, the Midwest’s leaders in kids and beginners fishing education, announced today that Lure Lock will be the official tackle box provider for 2019!

“I started using Lure Lock’s revolutionary new tackle storage systems last year for my fishing tackle storage needs and was immediately impressed ,” said Mike Frisch, co-founder of Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish. “Lure Lock’s support means that every 2019 School graduate will receive one of their tackle boxes!”

“In addition to fishing education, another program goal is to help equip participants with the needed fishing gear,” Frisch added.  “To that end, our student’s get a rod and reel, tackle, and now they get a top-quality tackle box that not only stores their gear, but protects it as well!”

Started in 2013, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish has hosted 184 schools in 6 states and has graduated over 5,000 “water ready” anglers in its existence. Taught in a fast-paced, fun environment, students learn about lakes and finding and catching fish, how to tie a fishing knot, and how to rig and use their own slip-bobber set-up.  Parents are invited to attend with their kids at most classes.

“Lure Lock is a Wisconsin-based company with made in America products made from renewable resources and are environmentally safe,” Frisch continued.  “We’re very happy that they are joining in our mission to educate, excite, and equip fishing’s next generation!”

“We are very excited to partner with School of Fish as we know that educating the next generation of angler’s is vital to the continuation of the sport of fishing that we all love,” stated Jessica Krisel, Lure Lock Marketing Coordinator.

Lure Lock is owned by Tak Logic, LLC and is located in Ettrick, Wisconsin.

Lure Lock tackle boxes feature a patented gel material – all made in the USA. For more information, call 608-525-3636 or visit .

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish is offered in an open-water and ice fishing format to fishing/sportsman’s clubs, community education, and civic organizations.  In addition to his involvement in the Schools, Frisch hosts Fishing the Midwest television, and a Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish youth graduate is selected each year for a guest appearance on Fishing the Midwest TV.

More details regarding Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s School of Fish can be secured by contacting Mike Frisch via email or by visiting the website and selecting the “School of Fish” link.