Unbound – A Mercury Film
For people living with serious disabilities, everyday life can be a big challenge, and spending quality time on the water can appear all but impossible. But Captain Mick Nealey aims to change that by spending his days helping those with disabilities regain a measure of independence and enjoy the ocean through Tranquil Adventures, a marine business that caters to the unique needs of those living with such challenges.

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Spicy shrimp on the grillFishing outings often push the dinner hour towards dusk; and there are few of us who relish the idea of slaving in the kitchen preparing a nice dinner for ourselves or guests as the sun sets under the yardarm. Prep ahead of time and look like a pro.

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Tournament angling is a one-person sport

Tournament fishing is about winning and — like golfers, wrestlers, rodeo cowboys and other one-person franchises — the success of a pro angler hinges on today’s performance. To be sure, these contestants have buddies, traveling partners and even respected opponents on the circuit, but relationships disappear at the predawn launch of every event.

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Safety Checklist

Being safe on the water should be every boaters first priority. Here are some of the items you should have with you to make sure you’re prepared on the water.


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Enertia® ECO: Performance Meets Economy

The Enertia ECO propeller is an innovative product specifically designed to provide optimal fuel economy and performance at cruising speed, the engine rpm range where boaters spend most of their time.

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