May 2019
Brandon Cobb
Meet Mercury Pro – Brandon Cobb
South Carolina is blessed with a tremendous diversity of nutrient-rich largemouth bass lakes throughout the state. Twenty-nine year old Brandon Cobb has used those diverse systems as outdoor classroom to accumulate extensive knowledge about the nature of bass and to jump start his tournament fishing career.

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National BBQ Month
Jump over to the Mercury’s Youtube channel to celebrate National BBQ Month with The MudbuM’s recipe for fall-off-the-bone chicken drummies.
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Matt Strykul goes on a 50-State-Long Fishing Tour
The United States is a global hub for fishing, filled with diverse species and even more diverse environments. From the massive Great Lakes to quiet rivers, coastal marshes to mountain streams, our country has angling opportunities beyond imagination. But most of us only get to experience a fraction of everything it has to offer. Matt Strykul, however, has emphatically declined to be satisfied with a fraction.
Get connected with VesselView Mobile
VesselView Mobile by Mercury Marine lets you use your mobile device (smartphone or tablet, Android or iPhone) to connect with your Mercury outboard or sterndrive engine, from 40hp all the way up to Mercury Racing’s 1750hp. The plug-and-play engine module connects via Bluetooth to your device to provide quick, convenient access to your engine’s data. The data provided is digital form and is much more accurate than that provided by standard analog gauges. One module can monitor up to four engines. VesselView Mobile is available for installation by boat companies and at Mercury dealerships. “Installation was a breeze. I needed 10 minutes or less to install this.”
Solo Boat Launch
Do you have a hard time launching your boat solo? Check out these great tips for learning how to launch at the ramp.