The National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) is on a mission and has chosen Traditions Media to help get the word out. The 1,400-member non-profit sportfishing trade association is asking guides, captains, tournament anglers, industry reps, sales/marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, educators and other recreational fishing professionals to join its cause, reaping the rewards of a united front and becoming part of a support organization that exists to benefit its members and partners.

“Quite simply, the NPAA’s purpose is to grow and protect sportfishing while giving our members tools to increase their professionalism and meet their individualized goals,” says the organization’s president, Patrick Neu. “We estimate there are 100,000-plus anglers in this country who should be considered ‘professional anglers,’ meaning they have monetized their passion for angling. Our partnership with Traditions Media should really help us reach these potential members. The NPAA and the Traditions Media team have worked closely for years. Their knowledge of the sportfishing market and industry will allow them to quickly understand and communicate our value to prospective members and partners. Conveying this value to a very large audience should spur rapid growth that will benefit our members, the industry, and the sport.”

Indeed, the NPAA’s growth potential seems boundless at this point, considering their current membership is approximately 1.5% of the organization’s estimated potential member base. In addition to superior networking opportunities, industry updates, sportfishing advocacy, and professional development, the organization also offers access to significant discounts on gear and services provided by many of its nearly 80 supporting partners. Additionally, NPAA is active in promoting youth fishing activities and entry into the sport, supporting over 100 “Future Angler” clinics in 2021, and seeing member volunteers give over 4,000 NPAA “Future Pro” T-shirts plus over 3,000 rod/reel combos to kids at NPAA Future Angler education events annually with support from the Future Angler Foundation.

“We expect to grow our association drastically in the coming year,” continues Neu, “and with that growth should come opportunities to bring our members additional benefits including self-funded group health insurance, discounted life insurance, additional educational opportunities on how to grow and manage an angling-related small business, and, of course, the venue to get more involved with the ever-increasing number of issues that can affect the ability of our members to make a sustainable living in the sportfishing industry.”

Traditions Media president, Noel Vick, is stoked about the new agreement. “I’ve known Pat for a long time, and it’s rare to find anyone in the fishing industry as passionate about growing the sport, preserving natural resources and maintaining public access for anglers. The NPAA’s mission embodies these principles. NPAA membership isn’t just for professional tournament anglers and guides, either. It’s for anyone who makes a living in fishing. To that point, I’m an individual member.”

Traditions Media’s mission will be to amplify the NPAA’s industry voice, especially as it relates to bringing issues that affect the angling public to the forefront, explains Vick. “For example: Did you know the states of Illinois and North Dakota plan to tax tournament organizers 10% per event? The proposals cover everything from local weekend events to major tournaments. More on that to come in future NPAA announcements…”

As for the NPAA’s primary objective in the coming year, Neu says it’s to expose the NPAA brand and mission to a much broader audience of potential members and partners. Traditions’ help, he believes, will speed the NPAA on its way to achieving its over-arching goal of creating an organization that becomes the voice for any angler in this country who has made angling their chosen profession, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

“There has never been a better time to join well-known and long-time NPAA members like Kevin VanDam, Gary Parsons, Al Lindner, John Crews, Mike Iaconelli, Keith Kavajecz, Steve Pennaz, and many more who see the tremendous value in an organization that exists to protect them and the sport in which they’ve all made a living.  Join them today as a member of this unique and valuable association.  And remember… It’s All About the Sport.”

For information on joining the NPAA and exploring the many benefits membership provides, visit