Your local gym is likely full of ambitious newbies right now, but you can beat the traffic by hitting the Rippin Lips Gym.

Here are some of the best fishing-related resolutions that are going to benefit you as an angler while still being achievable.

Fish More
Fishing more leads to so many different benefits. You gain experience, knowledge, and familiarity with your equipment and the fish. This leads to becoming more comfortable with everything including the situation.

The only issue is finding the time. (Reminder: Valentine’s Day is coming up…Good way to get some brownie points here!) It’s important to get the rest of your life buttoned up so that you can commit to more days on the water.

Go For Your Personal Best
It’s not easy to start out and say all you care about is catching the biggest possible fish and that’s it. It also means committing to waters that actually have the capability of putting out a fish that size.

You may also need to upsize your lures to something like a Glidesdale which can be discouraging if you’re not catching piles of fish. Don’t despair. Be a stubborn mule and power through it for the reward.

Learn A New Finesse Technique
Learning a new finesse technique will make you a better angler. Acquiring a new skill in this category is going to make you harder to beat when those days get real tough on the water.

That extra arrow in your quiver is another nugget of confidence to apply. Especially when the ratio of getting bit and potential bites out on the water is not in the angler’s favor.

Catch More Fish Through The Ice
Now if you live in Texas and are not planning to travel north this winter, you may want to disregard this one.

But if you live around fishable ice, then it can be a fun and rewarding passage of time that teaches you about fish behavior. Particularly in a vertical fishing scenario.

Take Someone Fishing For The First Time
Share the sport. It’s amazing from the bite to the hookset, to fighting the fish…It’s all awesome! There’s a reason we all love it and spend so much time thinking about it.

The best part about bringing someone new is getting to enjoy them go through some of the progressions and realizations that you have had.

Don’t make it too hard though. The biggest flaw is that people trying to make too big of a deal out of taking someone (particularly their kids) fishing for the first time. Keep it simple and don’t force the time too long. When people start getting ornery pack it up and call it a day.

Resolutions are all about getting out and trying to do something a little differently than the year before. Sometimes, the smallest changes end up yielding the greatest results. Take the time to make those small adjustments and who knows where you might end up!
And always remember, if it doesn’t work you can blame me.
~ Written by Reid Miller 13 Fishing Marketing Coordinator