The qualifications for working within the fishing tackle industry can be summed up in one word: PASSION.  One person with such an attribute, Nick Miltimore, was hired to assist Target Walleye/Ice promotions, sales and videos.

With a decade as a guide, conducting sport show and in-store sales, sharing his knowledge at seminars, and competitive tournament fishing, Miltimore joins Brett McComas, Jay Kumar, Jim Kalkofen and Al Lindner at Target Walleye/Ice.  A home-grown Brainerd, Minnesota talent, Miltimore guides for Leisure Outdoor Adventures, one of the largest and most professional guide services in north central and northern Minnesota.

Lakes he calls “home” include Gull, Pelican, the Whitefish chain, Mille Lacs, Leech, Cass and many smaller lakes.  When not navigating his Lund with guide clients, he also works as sales manager for Mike’s Tree Company.  His life becomes chaotic during whitetail season, chasing deer throughout the Midwest and Canada with bow, muzzleloader and rifle.

Target Walleye/Ice emails go out free of charge to more than 200,000 subscribers twice each week.  The digital company also has more than 180,000 FaceBook fans and 65,000-plus Instagram followers.  The new and popular Target Walleye/Ice YouTube channel has more than 22,000 engaged fans.  “As a long-time email subscriber myself, I love the fact that the content and information is fresh and up-to-date.  I learn things all the time.  It is required reading for the guides and most of the fishermen I know,” Miltimore said.

To sign up for the emails, go to, and enter an email.  Free!  Growth comes when fans forward emails to friends.  These fishin’ buddies sign up and repeat the process.

Target Walleye/Ice is all about walleyes during the open-water season and all species caught under the ice during hard-water time.  Co-owner Al Lindner said, “What we do is educational and entertaining.  It can be viewed on any digital device.”