Northern natural lakes are often overlooked in the bass fishing hierarchy. Disappointing, too, because the mass of bass and weights would shock many. 4 to 5-pound largemouth and smallmouth bass are commonplace, buffered by even larger fish. And the rich coloration alone of northern bass is a visual marvel.

With that in mind, Bagley proudly sponsors the Classic Bass Champions Tour, a regional tournament series fished by some of North America’s best bass sticks.

In this fast-paced video, Bagley captures the action on central Minnesota’s Whitefish Chain, the series’ first stop. The Whitefish Chain is an interconnected labyrinth of deep, pristine natural lakes that contain abundant largemouth bass and select, sometimes secretive populations of beautiful bronzebacks. If you like testing your skills on deep weedlines, rock structure and emergent shoreline vegetation, the Whitefish Chain is for you.


Bagley’s Diving Balsa B is the fastest-diving crankbait made…period. Big bodied and lead-lipped, with a dive-bomb descent angle that gets straight to hanging bass and a thumping balsa body action that ignites a violent strike. On clear northern lakes, unleash the Diving Balsa B outside deep weedlines, or crank along a rocky bottom to draw eager largemouth and smallmouth bass. The Diving Balsa B1 (1.75”) dives to 6 to 1-feet. The larger Diving Balsa B2 (2.25”) can dig down to 15-feet. MSRP is $9.99.