It’s the desert island bait. Stranded, and only given one lure to survive on, the overwhelming choice is the simple jig. Coming inland to North America, more specifically central Minnesota, Brad Hawthorne breaks down surefire jigging techniques to put walleyes in the net.

Hawthorne not only showcases his proven jigging method, but also parlays it with corresponding conditions, like water temperature, depth and structure. Further, he discusses jig weights and color selection. But perhaps the real eureka moment is when Hawthorne reveals how he threads a minnow on the hook to maximize appearance, action, and most importantly, positive hooksets.

How do you diversify the greatest freshwater jig of all time, Northland’s Fire-Ball®? You extend the shank. The inimitable Long Shank Fire-Ball® Jig features a customized, extended, ridiculously sharp, wide-gap hook. Available in 18-colors, the Long Shank Fire-Ball Jig is a never-leave-the-house-without bait.


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