Aiming to put more walleyes in your boat this summer? Look no further than Northland’s time-tested Baitfish-Image® Spinner Rig collection. The dynamic Baitfish-Image spinner blades are one of the hottest producers on the professional walleye circuits and have claimed more 1st place winners than all other spinner rigs combined!

The secret is the specially-designed lifelike holographic Baitfish-Image attractor blade that matches-the-hatch and mimics a walleye’s favorite meal, a crippled baitfish minnow. The shimmering blades spin, pick up light and reflect the Baitfish-Image back with each revolution to produce the illusion of live bait. It fools wary fish and triggers aggressive strikes.

Baitfish-Image Spinner (Colorado)

Baitfish-Image spinners have it all, sporting sticky-sharp Needle-Point hooks, durable 60-inch long leader, six jumbo attractor beads and detailed holographic Baitfish-Image blades. They are available in three models with single or double-hook worm harnesses, and are deadly behind Rock-Runner® Bottom Bouncer sinker weights. Choose between the Baitfish Float’n Spin with its two hook snell, the two-hooked Baitfish Spinner Harness, or single-hooked Baitfish Spinner rigs. Baitfish Image Spinner Rigs are also available in a 14 piece assorted rig kit with multiple blade colors, perfect for staying versatile no matter where you fish.

Baitfish-Image Spinner Rig (Firetiger)

Baitfish-Image Spinner Rig (Clown)

Recommendations for fishing the Baitfish-Image spinner are as follows: In clear water, use natural baitfish colors like Silver Shiner, Perch and Rainbow Chub. In lightly stained water, Gold Shiner, Yellow Perch and Firetiger patterns work best. For dark stained/muddy conditions, go to larger blades (#4, #5, #6) in eye-popping fluorescents. When trolling or retrieving a spinner, vary your speed by pumping the rod tip and with “S” turns and erratic stop-and-go movements. When a bite is detected, hold the rod steady and slowly drop the hook towards the fish before setting the hook. It’s often a 5 count. Let ‘em eat it… then stick it to ‘em!

Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness (Dace Pink)

Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness (Gold Perch)

“Baitfish Image Spinners have been my staple for spinnin’ up walleyes for years,” said Northland pro, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “There are perch patterns, shiner patterns… many different colors of blades and there’s always a color to get the walleyes to bite whether it’s on a glacial lake or during tournaments when I’m fishing Oahe, Erie or Green Bay. Baitfish Image Spinners are dominant in all these lakes and regions. They’re pure genius when you think about it—how you can go out to just about any body of water troll with a crawler, minnow, or leech and catch consistent walleyes every time.”

Bro continues: “And don’t skimp. Having plenty of colors and varieties of the Baitfish Image Spinner is recommended. That’s an extra advantage to catch fish no matter what. You don’t want to show up with your favorite color and be a one-trick-pony. I recommend anglers buy the kit to ensure they have the right tool for the job no matter where you fish. You never know when the fish are going to want pink or perch patterns or gold. It doesn’t take much change in the spinner blade to create a fantastic day on the water.”

Baitfish-Image Float’n Spin (Sunfish)

Baitfish-Image Float’n Spin (Gold Shiner)

Bro says that all in all, the Baitfish Image Spinner is just a producer. “I don’t go anywhere without a full assortment ready to deploy at a moment’s notice,” said Brosdahl. In the guide game or the tournament game, it’s game on, either as a two-hook harness, single hook rig or the available 18 piece kit.

Baitfish-Image Spinner

10 Colors

MSRP $2.99


Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness

10 Colors

MSRP $3.99


Baitfish-Image Float’n Spin

10 Colors

MSRP $3.99

Baitfish-Image spinner (Indiana)