On Sunday October 27, NPAA Member Michael Brand #876 provided advice and consultation to Scouter Michael Bene who led his team of BSA Certified Angling Instructors and BSA Angler Educators in holding a Merit Badge Skill Center focused on Fishing, Fly Fishing and Fish & Wildlife Management.  During the Skill Center Scouts Participated in discussion, and hands on experiences in areas such as;

  • Fishing Hazards Encountered
  • Safety Measures to followed to mitigate those hazards
  • First Aid when things go wrong.
  • Fishing Regulations and Compliance
  • Permits, Fish Identification, Length & Possession Limits
  • A message on Aquatic Invasive Species
  • A message on Personal Floatation Devices
  • Fly-Fishing Equipment—age & skill appropriate
  • Fly-Fishing Techniques—age & skill appropriate
  • Fly Pattern Selection and Tying
  • Fishing Ethics
  • Fish Preparation and Cooking

For pics of the Fishing, Fly Fishing, & Fish & Wildlife Merit Badge Skill Center, please visit  https://fall2019mbskillcenter.shutterfly.com/


Each youth went home with a NPAA Future Pro shirts, Thank you Future Angler Foundation.

Mike would like to all the Moms and Dads who drove their Scouts to the event, Quartermaster Staff for the delicious shore lunch, the Ranger for maintaining an awesome Camp, and most importantly Michael Bene and his entire assembled team of BSA Certified Angling Instructors and BSA Angling Educators from the Greater St. Louis Area Council, located in the BSA Central Region Area #3.

To learn more about the following organizations check out their websites www.bsafishing.com ,  NPAA at www.npaa.net and Future Angler Foundation at http://www.futureangler.org .