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    nicholaswernerWerner’s Angling Adventures
    NPAA Number: 297
    States Guiding In: Ontario, Canada
    Region/Area: Bay of Quinte
    Target Species: Walleye
    Days of week Guiding:  5 Days a Week
    Experience: 9 Years
    Licensed:  Yes
    Insured: Yes
    Contact Information:
    Name: Nicholas Werner
    Address: 1701 North Big Island Rd.
    State/Zip: Ontario, K0K 1W0
    Home #: 416-879-3107
    Cell#: 416-879-3107
    Website: www.wernersadventures.com


    Jim Miles Guide ServiceJim Miles 855

    NPAA Number 855
    Eastern Ontario, Canada
    Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike
    Days of Week Guiding: 3-4, please call
    Experience: 31 years
    Licensed: Yes
    Insured: Yes
    Contact Information:
    Jim Miles
    1939 Rae Road
    Altmonte, Ontario, Canada, KOA IAO
    Home phone: 613-325-4926
    Cell: 613-434-2433
    Website: www.jimmilesguideservice.ca