Popularized in Japan, slow pitch jigging continues to gain traction as a go-to technique for saltwater anglers in the United States on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The slow pitch jigging technique is employed by anglers in search of grouper, amberjack, tuna and many other species when the fish aren’t actively feeding. By using smaller tackle and small, precise movements, anglers are imitating a wounded and dying baitfish — something even the most discerning fish can’t resist.

“The PENN® Slow Pitch System relies on extra-narrow Fathom® reels and Battalionrods with thin, technical blanks, ideal for slowly working specialized jigs from nearshore bays and sounds to offshore wrecks and bottom structure,” said Mike Rice, Category Director for PENN.

The PENN Fathom extra-narrow reels feature a full metal body and are available in both Star Drag and Lever Drag 2-Speed models. The reels are 40 to 50 percent narrower than standard models and the offering includes four reels ranging from Size 8 to Size 15, with a left-handed model available in the 15 size.These reels are designed for slow pitch jigging but are versatile enough to be applied to a wide range of vertical fishing and jigging applications where narrow reels are beneficial. MSRPs for the Fathom Slow Pitch reels range from $199.95 to $279.95.

PENN’s line of Battalion II Slow Pitch Rods includes six rods, all measuring 6 feet, 8 inches with various rod powers allowing anglers to pick the best one for their specific presentation. The rods feature RCB2 construction, consisting of a rolled composite core and outer layers of longitudinal glass that provide a lightweight, thin, parabolic blank that flexes from grip to tip, distributing weight for extra durability. These rods also come equipped with Fuji® K guides with Alconite inserts as well as a Fuji® reel seat and spiral-wrapped guides.

The handles of these slim-but-sturdy Battalion II Slow Pitch rods also offer an adjustable EVA Versa Grip for added comfort when doing battle with deep-dwelling saltwater species. MSRP for the Battalion II Slow Pitch rods range is $149.95.

PENN Slow Pitch System: Specifications

Reels: PENN Extra Narrow Fathom® Star Drag and Extra Narrow Fathom® Lever Drag 2-Speed
Fathom® Lever Drag 2-Speed: Size 15 Extra Narrow (standard and left-handed)
Fathom® Lever Drag: Size 10 Extra Narrow
Fathom® Star Drag: Size 8 Extra Narrow

Key Features:
• Full metal body
• Available in both Star Drag and Lever Drag/2-speed
• 40-50 percent narrower than standard models

$199.95 to $279.95

Rods: PENN Battalion II Slow Pitch Rods

Models: 6 (4 Conventional / 2 Spinning)

Key Features:
• RCB2 Construction
• Fuji® K Guides with Alconite inserts
• Fuji® reel seat
• Tapered EVA split grips
• Versa Grip enhances fish fighting comfort and provides rod holder blank protection

MSRP: $149.95