Game fish species including yellow perch, lake trout and walleye are at risk of commercial harvest in the Great Lakes. These species contribute to the $2.3 billion recreational fishing industry in the state of Michigan through the participation of 650,000 Great Lakes Anglers. The vast majority of the fish in the Great Lakes are managed by funding generated through the sale of recreational licenses.The commercial fishing industry is already subsidized by recreational anglers in this way, and their take of game fish would be an even more egregious misuse of hunting and fishing license dollars.

House Bills 4567, 4568 and 4569 would update the existing commercial fishing statutes. This package of bills would provide protection for game fish populations from commercial harvest, and increase the fees for commercial fishing operations. These rules haven’t been updated since 1971.

This bill package has passed the Michigan House of Representatives and is currently awaiting a vote in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. We need your help in urging your state senator to request that these bills be passed through the committee and given a floor vote on the Michigan Senate floor.

Please help conserve game fish populations for future generations to come by taking action today!

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