Boaters and anglers across the country love to spend time on the water taking in beautiful views, spending time with family and, of course, fishing!  America’s boaters are also the original conservationists, and we know that keeping our nation’s waters healthy and clean is critical to preserving our way of life.

Unfortunately, every year, between five and 14 million tons of trash enter our oceans.  Some studies have estimated that by the year 2025 our oceans will be so polluted that they will consist of one pound of plastic for every three pounds of fish.

Thankfully, a bipartisan group of senators has introduced a bill, “The Save our Seas Act 2.0” (S-1982) that will help address the marine debris crisis.  America’s boaters and anglers you need to voice your support for this bill that will tackle the marine debris epidemic and help to keep fishing environments clean.

Click through the link below and send a letter supporting S-1982 to your US Senators and US Congressman Today!

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