Abandoned mines are a source of hazardous materials that can leak into lakes, rivers and streams potentially causing harmful damage to local ecosystems and valuable fisheries.

What’s next:

Two bipartisan bills that could help restore the land and water surrounding these abandoned mines were recently introduced in Congress.

The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Amendments Act of 2021 and the Revitalizing the Economy of Coal Communities by Leveraging Local Activities and Investing More Act of 2021 (RECLAIM) collectively would reauthorize, expand and accelerate funding for the Abandoned Mine Land Trust Fund (AML), which grants money to states and tribes to reclaim former mining lands and use them for job creation and economic growth.

Why this matters:

Coal communities need resources to clean up their land and water and attract desirable jobs; these two pieces of legislation will create the momentum to achieve this goal.

Why you should care:

The AML Reclamation Program achievements including the closure of over 45,000 abandoned underground mine shafts and openings, the elimination of over 960 miles of dangerous highwalls and the restoration of over 850,000 acres of clogged streams and land.

What you can do:

By sending the attached, prewritten letter, tell your elected officials reauthorizing the Abandoned Mine Land trust fund will create new recreational opportunities, fuel economic growth and create good paying jobs in communities across America.

Send a letter now.